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Toorak House

The Minimalist House

The house is located in a heritage overlay zone with height control.  The site area is approximately 808sqm with a steep slope up from the entry to the back.  This has been radically modified by the design to bring the whole internal space and garden to a flat level which becomes user friendly, as well as responding to the height restriction from a covenant on the title.  The street is on the south which gives a preferred orientation to the site – offering the northern sunny side to the private open space.  The entry of the 3-storey residence has been set at the street level which is about one level down from its eastern and northern neighbours.  The upper level is the private realm with a master bedroom, the second bedroom and a study.  The family area is located on the ground floor, where two major living spaces are flanked the main gallery space which reaches both basement floor and first floor.  A Japanese style dry garden is on south outside of lounge/ library and a stone paved northern courtyard that runs the family room providing a perfect outdoor living space with a reflective pool around.

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