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Colourful Yunnan - Hawthorn 

Peacock Restaurant

Yuunan is a region bless by awe inspiring landscape that is both rich in history and mythology; heavily shaped by resident populations of the Peacock bird.  The Peacock restaurant draws on these qualities, to reference Yunnanese themes relating to landscape, colours and textures to create a dynamic dining experience for patrons.

The brief called for a dynamic restaurant that offered sophisticated dining through a series of flexible and adaptive spaces.

The existing industrial building contained two dilapidated levels with separate entries. The primary challenge was transforming them into one cohesive restaurant space.

To unify the spaces, a main atrium was created with sculptural stair rising from a landscape bed with a peacock sentinel standing guard on a beautiful stainless steel perch. This became the focal point of the restaurant.

The kitchen on 1st floor, afforded a more even spread of patrons across both levels to give greater flexibility in catering for peak and off-peak dining. Banquette spaces provide intimate dining at ground floor under lower ceilings whilst soaring volumes from exposed trusses allowed for a different dining experience upstairs, including an exquisite glass box private dining room.

Robust industrial materials were used in more elegant ways to reference the building’s past.

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